Do you want to start travelling, but your wallet says “no”? Are you looking for ways to have new adventures without having to spend a lot of money? Do you want to experience?

Hold your breath, we are gonna teach you how to travel on a budget AND have lots of fun doing so!

First and foremost: make lots of friends anywhere you go! It is much cheaper to find attractive offers for leisure activities if you share your costs! Look for the ways to involve other travellers in your plans. Rafting? Kayaking? Hiking with a guide? Organise a group of people who want to share the fun and have the time of your life while keeping your budget low.

Secondly: use public transport and your hitchhiking skills when possible! This is especially important when you travel around Asia or South America. Most tourists tend to rely on taxis because it feels much safer, more comfortable and doesn’t require you to think much about your destination. However, this should never be the case for travellers who want to get a taste of a real local life and…save significant amount of money, at the same time! Using public transport will give you an unforgettable opportunity to interact with locals (you have to help yourself with hands very often), and have an amazing experience you can tell your fancy friends about!

If you can’t afford public transport, there are only two options: ask your mum to send you money or simply put a big smile on your face and stick your thumb out! Be mindful that hitchhiking might be illegal in some of the countries you visit! It is definitely the cheapest way to travel and probably the most exciting one. You never know who is going to stop for you and once they do – you may happen to meet the most interesting people of all times! Great fun is guaranteed (as long as someone finally stops to pick you up).

Last, but not least, to maximize the fun of your budget travelling, we suggest you give up sleeping in luxurious hotels and check Couchsurfing instead! It is the best way to find kind, local people willing to share their house with you and show you around. It is worth mentioning that it also saves you a lot of dollars and that’s why you are travelling on a budget, right?

So, pack up your backpack, sign up to Couchsurfing, take your empty wallet with you and enjoy your time travelling and meeting new people! You only live once!

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