9 Travel Tips to Save Space in Your Baggage

The rise of the poor in recent years, so many low-cost airline popular, quite popular. Although LAC airport cheaper prices, at the same time due to the weight of passenger luggage charge the corresponding baggage fees. In order to finish the next one, many people will try their best to reduce the weight of luggage. Japan has introduced a website to reduce the weight of the baggage packing method, ready to travel abroad you remember to Bookmark!

Want to reduce the weight of luggage, luggage must remember one important point is that each thing just carries the minimum amount, for example, intend to travel 5 days, only need to use a vial containing 5 days the amount of shower gel, shampoo, etc., So as not to carry the extra.

When traveling long distances, simply bring in a few pieces of replacement clothes, it is recommended that the clothes be simple and simple in style, because simple clothes are easy to mix and match, even with only a few pieces of clothing.

1. Compressed bag

The use of compression bags to store clothes, not only can reduce the position of the clothes in order to increase the luggage storage space, but also different categories of different objects installed.

2. Folding bag

If the hand letter to buy more, you can also use the bag carrying good, as hand carries on the machine. And the bag can be folded, not more than space, but also as part of matching clothing.

3. Beach slippers

In particular, the need to bring long-distance beach slippers with sand. In the high-altitude environment, easy to run the feet of blood is not good, coupled with a long time in the aircraft wearing shoes, feet will feel cramped and tired.

4 Disposable underwear

When traveling, bring the already worn very underwear go! As a result, the end can be immediately thrown away, can save the return luggage space while not afraid of the underwear through the trunk will smell.

5. Mask

As the beauty of girls, masks are essential, especially the weather changes easily lead to a poor skin condition, a few thin mask, neither occupy the location and disposable, the return will not take up luggage space.

6. Easy to dry towel

Many people travel with their own hangers, in order to dry the used towels, slowly dry. And this area is not a small towel, but also not easy to dry, may want to leave the place to stay or a little wet, put the luggage afraid there will be a burst musty smell. But with the easy-drying towel, you can quickly dry it without drying it, and it does not take up much space in your luggage.

 7. Travel book

Technological advances, now as long as the phone connected to the Internet, you can get the latest variety of tourist information, convenient and fast. Travel books are heavy, and places for introduction are limited. There are no comments from other tourists who visit. It is also wet when it rains. It also turns into a “mei dish.” It is heartbreaking again. The most important thing is not online Travel information is quick and easy.

8. Digital camera

Unless you are traveling to take pictures of the pursuit of professional Cheng only, or just generally take pictures and souvenir, the resolution of the phone has been very adequate, and many people with a camera, the last few really come up to use, are stealing the convenience And light, take a photo easily upload to social networking sites, the resulting camera is like a seal, but this is just a suggestion, if you are very demanding on the quality of photos, it is better equipped.

9. Hair styling products

Hair dryer and other general hair styling products, most hotels, and hotels will also be provided. If it is a hair straightener, curly hair styling products, not only will occupy a large luggage location, but also due to the voltage in different places, with additional transformers.